New Hope For Las Vegas

After what feels like an eternity, there is finally hope for the casinos in Las Vegas. In the past few months, the casino resorts were either closed or were only allowed to work with low occupancy. But now things are looking up and the casinos are allowed to start May with a much higher occupancy rate.

The USA, which has been badly hit by the pandemic, is finally looking hopefully into the future again. Now that the number of infections has finally fallen, the casinos in Las Vegas are allowed to work at a higher occupancy rate. Until now, the utilization was set at a maximum of 50 percent. For May, the utilization was increased to up to 80 percent . From June onwards, the load should even increase to 100 percent.

There is currently a very high hope that the capacity utilization will also be used. Over 2 million visitors were already counted this March . There have not been that many visitors since the beginning of the corona pandemic. According to public information, the income is said to have been significantly exceeded even in the last few months. For this reason, many experts think that the crisis is now over. For Las Vegas this is more than necessary, as this city lives one hundred percent from the casinos, leisure facilities, hotels and of course restaurants.

The corona pandemic and the associated closings have resulted in many workers being laid off. MGM had no choice but to lay off 18,000 employees . It has not been announced whether they can hope for a new job again. In general, however, the process will be that many dismissed employees will be reinstated. After all, more staff is needed when the workload is at 100 percent.

In connection with the full capacity utilization, Governor Steve Sisolak promised that distance rules and other corona hygiene measures would be adapted to local conditions . You have to consider how high the number of infections are and how the regional situation is presented. A clear distinction must be made here between local and urban areas. How it is intended for Las Vegas, which is home to a large number of people, remains to be seen.

How quickly Las Vegas recovers from the corona pandemic depends on many factors. As a rule, it is not only locals who stay at the casino resorts. The hotels in particular are occupied by tourists. However, there are still entry restrictions , which is why the hotels won’t fill up as quickly as hoped.

Las Vegas is not left alone with this problem, however. A campaign by the LVCVA is planned for the summer . This video is intended to give anyone interested a detailed insight into life in Las Vegas. The planned commercial not only provides insights into the casinos. Everyone can see that Las Vegas has more to offer. That is why the motto of the commercial is dance. This term was chosen for two reasons: on the one hand, to showcase the restlessness during the pandemic and, on the other hand, to show what Las Vegas has to offer . After all, the commercial wasn’t just shot for casino gamers.

The first commercial will not only be broadcast on TV, but also on social media. It provides insights into the casinos Circa Resort & Casino , Venetian Resort Las Vegas and Cosmopolitan. The locations at which the second clip will be shot has not yet been announced.